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July 5, 2018

Welcome Lee Graham Swim Team and Dive Team Families,

Thank you again for giving me the opportunity to take this year's Swim team and Dive team photos and swimmer or diver portraits. I hope that you all are happy with your photos from last year, and I hope that you will be happy with this year's photos as well.

The Swim Team Picture Day was Friday, June 29th, and those photos are now posted.
The Dive Team Picture Day is now scheduled for Thursday July 12th at 8:30 AM.
Contact me if you want to find another date.

If you want a portrait of your swimmer(s) or diver(s), you must sign up for portraits Before Picture Day. You will need to use the online order form to request a portrait, and you will need to pay the portrait fee on or before Picture Day. I will be at the pool in the mornings and evenings before both Picture Days to answer your questions, help you fill in the form and receive your forms and payments. Since we also know that the swimmers want to get to Fun Friday as soon as they are done with the team photo, I will be scheduling portraits on a few other days once I work out the details with Coach Mike.

Please let me know what you think I can do to make Picture Day easier on you and your swimmers or divers. Talk to me at the pool, but not during Picture Day itself, send me an email or fill in the contact form.

If you would like to see photos of the swimmers in action before the end of season party, especially since the coaches can't include everyone in the slide show, send me an email if you want access to the galleries I have created for the meets.

Here are some notes to consider before Picture Day:

  • Use the online order form to order copies of the team photos, a portrait of your swimmer(s), or both.
  • If you only want a team photo, click the "Team Photo Only" option on the order form, and then select the size(s) and quantity(ies) you want.
  • Order and pay for your team photos in advance to get the pre-order price on the team photos.
  • Use the online order form if you want a portrait of your swimmer(s) or diver(s). The online form should help make sure the totals are correct and that you select the correct options and provide all the necessary information.
  • I will do the portraits in the order in which I receive the online requests.
  • Sign up and pay for your Individual / Family portrait fee(s) before the start of Picture Day.
  • You can order a collage of your swimmer(s) or diver(s) before Picture Day and pay for the collage and the portrait fee at the same time.
  • You can order prints or a collage after Picture Day, and this is probably the best if you have multiple swimmers or divers and want both group and individual portraits.
  • The portrait fee for a family or a group of your swimmer's friends is just $5.00 if you only want a group photo.
  • The portrait fee is $5.00 per swimmer or diver if you want individual portraits of your swimmer or diver. If you only have one (1) swimmer or diver, select the "Individual Only" option.
  • The portrait fee is $5.00 for the family or group + $5.00 per swimmer or diver if you want both a family portrait and individual portraits.
  • When you use the online order form, the correct fee is automatically calculated.
  • You don't have to pay the portrait fee if you don't want a portrait.
  • If you want a group photo with your swimmer's friends, I can do that as well. Just add that to the form under "Swimmers".
  • When you fill in the portrait order form, please select which day you want me to take your swimmer's or swimmers' portrait.
  • Contact me if you need to arrange another date and time for a portrit session or if you have questions about how to fill in the form.

If you fill in the online form, I will get an email notification, but please print the confirmation page and turn in the form along with your payment for the team photos or portrait session before Picture Day.

Thank You Again,


Team Photo Print Prices:

Image Size Print Matting Framing
Pre-Order Regular
8 x 10 Print 8.50 10.00 30.00 115.00
11 x 14 Print 13.00 15.00 40.00 150.00
Magnets (5x7 approx) 5.00 6.00 NA NA

Individual / Family Portrait Print Prices:

Image Size Quantity Matting Framing
1 2 or More1
4 x 6 Prints 3.00 2.00 NA NA
4 x 6 ePrint2 (1440 x 960 pixels) 5.00 NA NA NA
5 x 7 Print 7.50 5.00 25.00 100.00
5 x 7 ePrint (1680 x 1200 pixels) 20.00 NA NA NA
8 x 10 Print 10.00 7.50 30.00 115.00
8 x 10 ePrint (2400 x 1920 pixels) 30.00 NA NA NA
11 x 14 Print 17.50 12.50 40.00 150.00
11 x 14 Collage 22.50 15.00 40.00 150.00
12 x 18 Collage 25.00 17.50 45.00 200.00


  1. Quantity discount for two or more prints of the same image.
  2. ePrints are files without the visible copyright watermark, and you can make as many copies of the file as you want.
  3. I no longer am offering magnets for swimmer portraits. You can buy an ePrint and then order your own magnets online.