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Information Resources
Luminous Landscape My primary site to follow advances in the digital darkroom especially with respect to papers and printers. This is also a fantastic site for photographic techniques as well as thoughts on photography.
Photoshop News A great source of information about tools and techniques for the digital darkroom and what is happening with Photoshop and Lightroom.
Julieanne Kost A great source of with tutorials on Lightroom.
The Strobist Blog David Hobby's blog and tutorials on lighting have really helped in how I light portraits and think about photography.
Joe McNally Joe McNally's books, blog and YouTube videos on lighting have also really helped in how I light portraits and think about photography even though I will never have access to some of the tools he uses in his work.
Mac Performance Guide This is the site I go to when looking for reviews of the now rare introductions of new Mac computers. I have used Lloyd Chambers ideas in setting up my own Macs especially the extra storage I now require.
Diglloyd I also visit Lloyd Chambers photography website for his thoughts on new cameras and lenses.
Luminous Landscape Videos These videos are a great value. I have both the Lightroom and Camera to Print series, and I refer back to them from time to time.
Supplies Where I buy almost all the ink for my printers and quite a lot of the paper
Shades of Paper Another great source of paper and source of information as well
InkJet Art A good source of paper, especially sample packs, and generic color profiles and a custom profiling service.
Red River Paper I use their 60lb Premium Matte for most of my cards. I am trying out their new glossy card stock, but it doesn't come in the 8.5 x 11 size I currently use for greeting cards. Red River is also a good source for boxes for the cards.
Clear Bags The best source I've found for protective envelopes that I use on loose and matted prints as well as for my individual note and greeting cards.
Picture Frames Destination A really good source for high quality framing components when I do the framing myself instead of relying upon Design Frames or Art & Frame here in Falls Church.
Argonaut Displays I've purchased my card spinners from them.
Graphic Display Systems I purchased my portable display racks from them. The system makes it easy to set up multiple configurations based upon the available space.
Photographer's Ephemeris This is the ap that I use on my phone and ipad to keep track of moon rise and moon set times, angles and elevations.
It's a lot easier than using the compass and the Naval Observatory data that used to guide me.
LR/Transporter Timothy Armes' LR/Transporter is the tool I use to export picture meta-data from Lightroom into a form that I can load into this web site's database.
I have also played around with his LR/Enfuse and LR/Morgify plug-ins, but don't use them as an everyday part of my toolset.
Local Resources
Art and Frame of Falls Church Tom Gittens of Art and Frame is a great source of custom framing work, and Tom gets the majority of my business these days. Remember to ask Tom for a discount when you take in one of my prints for a custom framing job.
Design Frames Mark Klostermyer at Design Frames has done a lot of custom framing work for me using some hardwood frame stock that Art & Frame doesn't normally carry. Remember to ask Mark for a discount when you take in one of my prints for a custom framing job.
Ace Photo The folks at Ace Photo have done a fantastic job with rejuvenating the Dominion Photo store on West Broad Street. Their prices match Amazon, B&H Photo and other online retailers, and they are very well stocked in most things that I need.
Falls Church Arts A local arts group in which I participate.
Other Web Sites
The Mount Washington Observatory Great pictures in their photo gallery, and great views, when it's not in whiteout, from and of the summit of Mount Washington in the White Mountains of New Hampshire.

Last Updated: 09/16/2017