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The following framed prints are available for quick delivery as of 12/01/2018

All images are framed with conservation quality materials and methods including acid free matts and backing boards, and UV filtering glass or plexiglass. I use plexiglass for sixteen by sixteen (image dimmension) and larger images. I do not normally use the non-glare UV glass, since the fine etching on the surface, which is what reduces the glare, slightly softens the images. I can swap for UV non-glare glass or plexiglass upon request.

Click on the thumbnail to see a photograph of the framed image or larger image, and to read about the frame and mat.

Please contact me if you would like to stop by to look at any of the framed pictures in person.

20180919_056Archival Ink Jet25 x 33400.0020180919_056
20181030_032Archival Ink Jet25 x 33400.0020181030_032
20160312_035Archival Ink Jet19 x 19300.0020160312_035
20160312_019Archival Ink Jet19 x 19300.0020160312_019
20160503_038Archival Ink Jet13 x 13250.0020160503_038
20161113_005Archival Ink Jet18 x 23300.0020161113_005
FW_1988_010_BWArchival Ink Jet24 x 34375.00FW_1988_010_BW
20081012_075Archival Ink Jet24 x 34375.0020081012_075
20081214_032Archival Ink Jet25 x 33375.0020081214_032
1987_0451Archival Ink Jet25 x 33375.001987_0451
20130513_078Archival Ink Jet18 x 24325.0020130513_078
20130810_033Archival Ink Jet25 x 34375.0020130810_033
AU_2008_020Archival Ink Jet26 x 33375.00AU_2008_020
AU_2008_005Archival Ink Jet29 x 29550.00AU_2008_005
AR_2007_007Archival Ink Jet24 x 32500.00AR_2007_007
AM_2000_001Archival Ink Jet28 x 35500.00AM_2000_001
AU_2008_015Archival Ink Jet20 x 26400.00AU_2008_015
AU_20061012_08Archival Ink Jet20 x 26400.00AU_20061012_08
AU_2006_001Archival Ink Jet20 x 26400.00AU_2006_001
DC_2006_004Archival Ink Jet26 x 20400.00DC_2006_004
AR_1998_002Archival Ink Jet26 x 20425.00AR_1998_002
RF_2001_01Archival Ink Jet26 x 20375.00RF_2001_01
WS_1997_011Archival Ink Jet20 x 26350.00WS_1997_011
WS_1979_01Archival Ink Jet24 x 34375.00WS_1979_01
AR_1993_01Cibachrome18 x 21250.00AR_1993_01
AR_1997_004Cibachrome18 x 21250.00AR_1997_004
AR_1997_001Cibachrome18 x 21250.00AR_1997_001
92_1666Cibachrome15 x 19250.0092_1666
AS_1993_002Archival Ink Jet27 x 21375.00AS_1993_002
91_1465Cibachrome22 x 18250.0091_1465
91_1460Cibachrome18 x 22295.0091_1460
SWM_2006_010Archival Ink Jet26 x 20325.00SWM_2006_010
F2002_003Archival Ink Jet22 x 27325.00F2002_003
93_0862_sqArchival Ink Jet25 x 25400.0093_0862_sq
FL_1994_051Archival Ink Jet21 x 27400.00FL_1994_051
FL_1990_023Archival Ink Jet20 x 26400.00FL_1990_023
92_1029Archival Ink Jet26 x 20450.0092_1029
92_1024Archival Ink Jet26 x 20450.0092_1024
FL_2006_032Archival Ink Jet26 x 20400.00FL_2006_032
93_0137Archival Ink Jet20 x 26375.0093_0137
92_0390Archival Ink Jet26 x 20400.0092_0390
93_0867Archival Ink Jet26 x 20375.0093_0867
FL_1995_031Archival Ink Jet20 x 26325.00FL_1995_031
92_0757Archival Ink Jet21x 27400.0092_0757
KBL_021Archival Ink Jet26 x 20325.00KBL_021
92_1428Cibachrome18 x 21275.0092_1428
94_0022Archival Ink Jet20 x 26400.0094_0022
94_0022_smallCibachrome13 x 15175.0094_0022_small
KBL_001Archival Ink Jet26 x 20325.00KBL_001
FL_1998_001Commercial Photograph29 x 23400.00FL_1998_001
FL_2004_001Archival Ink Jet26 x 20400.00FL_2004_001
92_0217Archival Ink Jet26 x 20400.0092_0217
FL_2004_005Archival Ink Jet26 x 20400.00FL_2004_005
FL_1999_055Archival Ink Jet26 x 20400.00FL_1999_055
FL_1996_014Archival Ink Jet21 x 27375.00FL_1996_014
FL_1994_052Cibachrome20 x 16275.00FL_1994_052
91_0406Cibachrome15 x 20275.0091_0406
92_0384Cibachrome18 x 22300.0092_0384
FW_1993_0803Archival Ink Jet20 x 26325.00FW_1993_0803
91_0301Cibachrome16 x 20250.0091_0301
92_0987Archival Ink Jet20 x 26350.0092_0987
92_0987Cibachrome13 x 16200.0092_0987
92_0041Cibachrome16 x 20225.0092_0041
92_1524Cibachrome18 x 22225.0092_1524
RF_1999_01Cibachrome17 x 21225.00RF_1999_01
92_0743Cibachrome17 x 21225.0092_0743
WS_1984_04Cibachrome12 x 15225.00WS_1984_04
93_0110Cibachrome21 x 18275.0093_0110
93_0110Cibachrome21 x 18200.0093_0110
91_0373Cibachrome16 x 20200.0091_0373
93_0501Cibachrome18 x 21200.0093_0501
FH_0037Cibachrome18 x 21200.00FH_0037
WS_1997_002Cibachrome20 x 16200.00WS_1997_002
WS_1997_010Cibachrome20 x 16200.00WS_1997_010
AS_1997_001Cibachrome20 x 16200.00AS_1997_001
YNP_0101Cibachrome16 x 20250.00YNP_0101