November 13, 2017


The photos from the November 11th Joint Meet with Keswick Hunt Club are now posted. I hope that you will like the photos.

Thank you for the comments and purchase of the photos from the 63rd Virigina Field Hunter Championships on Novemebr 5th at Will Coleman's beautiful Tivoli farm.

I went out to Great Falls National Park a few weeks ago to get some photos of the rising, almost, full moon, and found the Potomac at a level I used to love. The paddlers at Rocky Island ceratinly seemed to be having a good time as I got those photos before headed back up to capture the moon. The photo above and some other images from the end of the afternoon are now posted in the New Photos gallery.

The leaves are changing rapidly now and are almost gone. Unfortunately, with the lack of rain the colors are not as vibrant as we normally see at this time of year, but I have taken a few new fall color shots and more will be up soon in the New Photos and Autumn galleries.

There is still a little color left and I have a few weekend and evening slots left for portraits, so please check out the Portraits page for more information and contact me soon to schedule your session.

I have just taken delivery of my new Nikon D850, and I hope to have some new images to share with you soon as well as my thoughts about the new camera. You can read some of my thoughts, so far, and see some samples on my Facebook page.

The photos in 2017 Solar Eclipse gallery are some of my favorite images from the eclipse. I had hoped to get close enough to the Tetons to use them in a series of images tracking the sun as it was eclipsed. That also would have put Elena and me in the path where we would have had two and a half minutes of totality. With the smoke from the wildfires, and other factors, I couldn't get the image I hoped, so I pulled out my big zoom and captured these closer images, while I also grabbed some shots to set the scene (with Elena's help) using both my D800 and my iPhone.

When taking pictures of some of the new pieces I had framed for the "blooms & moons" show, I decided to redo the Framed Prints gallery, and then I realized I have far more framed prints than wall space. Check back soon for details of an upcoming Framed Print sale.

Website Updates

All of the URLs on my site should now be a lot easier to remember and share. Instead of the old format with the gID=XXX in the URL, you should now be able to simply enter a URL like www.CathySummers.com/2017-NVSL-All-Stars to find the photos I took during the NVSL All Star meet, or www.CathySummers.com/Abbott-Lane-Foxes to see the photos of the foxes who used to live in my backyard.

If you login when you start your visit, you can now mark photos as your favorites, and then you can look at all of your favorite images on a separate gallery page. I hope this will really help those of you trying to collect images from multiple galleries as you try to decide which one to purchase.

The Framed Prints gallery now allows you to look at zoomed in photos of all the framed prints I currently have and are ready for immediate pick up or delivery.

I have added a limited search capability to the gallery pages. You can now filter the images in a gallery by how I have rated the photos, if you want to see which ones I think are the best, and you can search for keywords if, for example you just want to see my rose photos without looking at the other flower images. Please let me know what you think of this change, or cntact me with other suggested improvements.

I will be going through the other galleries and adding keywords to those galleries soon.

Remeber to follow my Facebook page or additional updates including previews of images that I add to the galleries here. See the button below.

Swim Photos

I have enjoyed taking photos at the indoor swim meets over the years, but now that Elena is through with High School swimming and moving on, I probably won't be taking photos during High School or USS meets in the future. I will leave the photos that I have taken up on this web site for a while, and I will be happy to sell you prints or electronic copies.

If you are looking for the photos I have taken at some of the High School swim meets, you can try the Gallery Search to find the gallery. Contact me if you need the gallery password.

If you are a Mako Parent and don't have access to the Mako Photo Galleries here on my web site, please send me an email.

If you are not a Mako Parent and think that I have pictures of your swimmer or swimmers and would like to see the photos, please send me an email. If I have pictures of your swimmers in action, I will create a private gallery for you if I have several images, or I will send you copies if I only have one or two images. Please send me an email if I have previously created a gallery for you, but you need your login information.

I need a $20.00 deposit before I create your private gallery. If you don't like the photos, I will refund $10.00 of your deposit. If you purchase photos, I will apply the deposit towards your purchase.