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Team Photo / Athlete Portrait

If you only want a team photo and want to pay the preorder price, select "Team Photo" below, and then select the size(s) and quantity for each size. You need to turn in the order form and your payment on or before Picture Day to get the preorder price.

If you want to get a portrait of your swimmer(s) or diver(s), you need to select "Individual / Family Portrait" below, and then you need to select what type of portrait (if you have multiple swimmers or divers). You will need to pay the portrait fee on or before Picture Day when you turn in your form. You do not need to pay for prints or a collage before Picture Day.

Team Photo Sizes and Prices

Note: If you order a portrait of your swimmer or diver and plan to order a collage, collages include a copy of the team photo like this: Swimmer Collage

Image Size Pre Order Price Regular Price Matting Framing
(Includes mat)
Qty   Total  
8 x 10 Print (borderless) 8.50 10.00  30.00  125.00
11 x 14 Print (borderless) 13.00 15.00  35.00  150.00
Magnets (5x7) 5.50 6.00 NA NA
Athlete / Family Portraits

Please Choose One:


  • If you only have one swimmer or diver, select the "Family Only" option if you do not want to fill in their name and birthdate. Otherwise, select the "Individual Only" option.
  • If you have more than one swimmer or diver and you only want a family/group photo, please select the "Family Only" option.
  • If you have more than one swimmer or diver and you want a group photo and individual photos, or if you want a photo of your athlete and your only swimmer or diver wants a photo with their friend or friends, please select the "Family or Friends and Individual" option.
  • If you only have other questions, please ask me in person or send me an email.
Portrait Date

Please let me know whether you want your swimmer(s) / diver(s) portraits on:

Picture Day (June 29th):
Wednesday 7/4 (8:30 AM):
Thursday 7/12 8:30 AM:

I will take portraits on Picture Day after the team photo. I take the portraits in the order in which I receive the requests.

If you missed the Swim Team Picture Day and the July 4th makeup session, and if you can't make the Dive Team Picture Day on the 12th, please email me so that we can try to find another date and time.

Athlete Information
First Name Last Name Birth Date
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Portrait Fees

The fees shown below are computed from your selections and the information you provided above.

Unless your swimmer is a graduating senior, you need to write a check for the portrait fees before Picture Day. You can preorder prints in the next section, and the preordered prints will be added to the fees once you save this request.

Portrait Type Price Quantity   Total  
Family / Friends Portraits 5.00
Individual Athlete Portraits 5.00

Athlete Photo Sizes and Prices

You can pay for collages now or by using the online shopping cart after Picture Day. The prices are shown below. If you do pre-pay, please let me know if you want me to choose the best photo and make the prints, or if you want to select your favorite image.

Image Size Quantity Matting Framing
(Includes a mat)
Qty   Total  
1 2 or More
11 x 14 Collage 22.50 15.00  35.00  150.00
12 x 18 Collage 25.00 17.50  40.00  200.00

You can order individual prints or electronic copies of the files from my website once I post the Picture Day gallery.

Click the Save button to submit and save your information and selections and to get a printable form your swimmer can bring to Picture Day or turn in before Picture Day with your payment.