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Swimmers in a Collage
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Swimmers in a Collage

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From about a dozen images I'd taken over the course of a winter swim season, these girls' mother selected her favorites, and then I came up with several different arrangements using a subset of the selected images.

The mother decided to go with four images, so each one would be large enough to stand on its own, and so that the finished piece wouldn't be too big. With four images, I suggested that we go with these four images cropped to the same relative size and oriented and arranged to bring the viewers' eyes into the picture.

To make the arrangement work, I flipped one image. With the flip, I then used Photoshop to remove the flipped logo on the swimmer's cap.

Still in Photoshop, I added the text to the underlying image, and then I made the print ready to go to the framer for matting and framing.

This job took about an hour, for the actual digital editing and composition work, which added up to $70.00, and then the print was another $60.00. The total of $135.00, before taxes, is typical for these projects where I'm using pictures that I have taken.

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Updated 7/08/2008