September 6,



I captured this photo by panning with a shutter speed of 1/160 of a second. That shutter speed allowed me to blur the background as I panned, and it allowed the spokes on his bicycle to blur, but the 1/160 of a second was also fast enough to, mostly, freeze his legs and body.

More photos from the Lincolnia Park Sprint Triathlon

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The photos from the Lincolnia Park Triathlon are now posted. I hope that you will enjoy the photos, and please remember that I will be donating 1/2 of the sales price for the prints to the ACCA Child development Center in Annandale and Kisima Child Care Academy in Kenya.

Photos from the first day of cubbing at Farmington Hunt club should be posted by Thursday.


Please check out the information and some of the samples, and then contact me to arrange a date for your personal or family portrait. The fall weekends are starting to fill up, and the best weekends are normally in late October and early November if you want an outdoor portrait with the fall colors.

Swim Photos

Fill in the Photo Request Form if you want me to get pictures of your swimmer in action, and send me a text at 703-536-6016 with their name, club, and for each event: the event, the heat and lane.

If you are a Mako Parent and don't have access to the Mako Photo Galleries here on my web site, please complete the access request form. Once I verify your information, I will give you acces to the Mako galleries.

If you are not a Mako Parent and think that I have pictures of your swimmer or swimmers and would like to see the photos, please send me an email. If I have pictures of your swimmers in action, I will create a private gallery for you if I have several images, or I will send you copies if I only have one or two images. Please send me an email if I have already created a gallery for you, but you need your login information.

If your swimmer is a MAKO, there's no charge upfront. If your swimmer is with another team, I need a $20.00 deposit before I create your private gallery. If you don't like the photos, I will refund $10.00 of your deposit. If you purchase photos, I will apply the deposit towards your purchase.

Thanks to all the parents who ordered photos of their swimmers in action this season.

Photography Classes

Are you interested in joining me for an evening shooting the rising full moon over some of the iconic places here in our nation's capital or in the nearby countryside? Are you interested in getting up really early to get images of the setting full moon in those same spots? Would you like to see how I capture some of my spring images? Check out my spring classes to learn more. Please contact me if you are also interested in learning about the digital darkroom (Photoshop or Adobe Lightroom). I am available for one on one tutoring on how I use these programs.


I am a photographer living and working in Falls Church, Virginia, and I specialize in outdoor photography, which I define as capturing images of the beautiful world around us and different ways people get outdoors to enjoy nature, and using the outdoors as the background and environment for most of my portrait images.  The photographs on this site are some of my favorite and most popular images of flowers, fall colors, reflections, other scenic subjects, and outdoor sports.  This site also contains several images of famous Washington, D.C. landmarks, since DC offers so many photogenic subjects and is so convenient.

The pictures on this site are available for purchase as fine art prints and for other editorial or commercial uses. For a more detailed description of how I make the prints, please check out this page. Check out the catalog of framed prints ready for immediate delivery.

In addition to the nature work you see in these galleries, I also do family, personal and animal portraits in a natural setting or under at least predominantly natural light.  Spring and Fall are generally the best seasons for outdoor portrait sessions here in the DC area. Please contact me if you are interested in arranging a portrait session.

Check out the collage page to see how I can combine multiple images from a portrait session, my other galleries, or that you provide into a single printed image. I can also make note and greeting cards from any of my images, including those I take during portrait sessions or while photographing other activities, or from images that you provide. I also offer digital editing services including scanning of prints, negatives and transparencies, photo restoration and fine art printing on a limited basis. Please contact me for additional information about purchases or other services.

My studio is open by appointment.  Please contact me if you would like to come by and check out the framed pictures, ready for instant delivery, my selection of matted and un-matted prints on hand, or the greeting and note cards that are currently available.  I also have a selection of images and cards on display and for sale at the Stifel & Capra shop at 210 Little Falls Street, in Falls Church.