February 26, 2018


I took a break from scanning photos of whitewater races to scan some other old images which I added to both the New Images and Winter galleries. The cabin in the photos was one I found on a cross country skiing trip up in the Rockies when I was at the University of Colorado almost 40 years ago, and I was able to get back to it a few different times with different amounts of snow and for the dawn photo.

I just added a gallery here and with a preview album on my Facebook page for the 1983 Slalom Whitewater World Championships in Merano, Italy. I will try to post some images from the Wildwater / Downriver events in Merano in the next week. This gallery, like the others mentioned below, are from scans from some more of my old transparencies, and it does take me a while to scan each batch and then adjust and correct the images after scanning. So far, I have processed the 1989 Slalom and the Wildwater (Downriver) World Championships, the 79 Slalom Trials and the 79 World Championships, I really appreciate all the comments from my old friends in the whitewater racing community on the photos in the Facebook albums.

I believe that I have worked out the bugs and performance problems with allowing you to share individual photos to Facebook from the individual galleries. Please give it a try and let me know if you encounter any problems trying to share the photos. I hope to add sharing to the other popular services soon.

I am still scanning and correcting photos, so there will be more old photos in the New Images gallery and on the Facebook page soon.

Website Updates

A friend and customer pointed out that she found it difficult to keep track of which images were in her cart, and she didn't like having to zoom into the photos to reach the "Buy a Print/Copy" button. To address her first concern, I changed the border around and added an icon below the thumbnail images that are in your cart. I added a "Buy" button to the thumbnail view of the galleries.

The website also will do a better job keeping track of your place when you do add items to your shopping cart, so the "Keep Shopping" button should return you to the same location in the gallery and displaying the same number of images per page. I will try to get the images per row to also persist.

I also added some code to keep track of your shopping cart between sessions even if you don't login, but that only works on one device. To share your cart across devices, you will still need to login before adding items to your cart.

Let me know what you think of those changes.

All of the URLs on my site should now be a lot easier to remember and share. Instead of the old format with the gID=XXX in the URL, you should now be able to simply enter a URL like www.CathySummers.com/2017-NVSL-All-Stars to find the photos I took during the NVSL All Star meet, or www.CathySummers.com/Abbott-Lane-Foxes to see the photos of the foxes who used to live in my backyard.

If you login when you start your visit, you can now mark photos as your favorites, and then you can look at all of your favorite images on a separate gallery page. I hope this will really help those of you trying to collect images from multiple galleries as you try to decide which one to purchase. Once logged in, you will see "Your Favorites" as the first item in the "Your Galleries" menu.

The Framed Prints gallery now allows you to look at zoomed in photos of all the framed prints I currently have and are ready for immediate pick up or delivery.

I have added a limited search capability to the gallery pages. You can now filter the images in a gallery by how I have rated the photos, if you want to see which ones I think are the best, and you can search for keywords if, for example you just want to see my rose photos without looking at the other flower images. Please let me know what you think of this change, or contact me with other suggested improvements.

I will be going through the other galleries and adding keywords to those galleries soon.

Remember to follow my Facebook page or additional updates including previews of images that I add to the galleries here. See the button below.

Swim Photos

I have enjoyed taking photos at the indoor swim meets over the years, but now that Elena is through with High School swimming and moving on, I won't be taking photos during High School or USS meets in the future. I will leave the photos that I have taken up on this web site for a while, and I will be happy to sell you prints or electronic copies.

If you are looking for the photos I have taken at some of the High School swim meets, you can try the Gallery Search to find the gallery. Contact me if you need the gallery password.